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regardless of long-distance or short ride, more or less the body has a sense of pain, after riding where the most pain? 1 knee pain the most common cause knee pain of the reason for this is that the riders of all of a sudden ride too much, too far or step on too heavy, cause excessive load on the joints;,wrong position can cause knee pain. If you feel the anterior knee pain, try to cushion regulating high, or is the seat back some; if the rear knee pain, try to to reduce the cushion, or is the seat ahead of some. Remember, even if only 1, 2mm will have an impact, so do not adjust too much at a time. If you can not adjust to the comfort of the location, or to a professional technician do fitting bar. 2 ass pain Some riders ride in the day after the car, home to a total pain 2~3 days, to ride a bicycle is really love and hate. wrong riding posture can cause gravity pressure falls on the bottom. Riding the abdomen to output, pedal when not eight, slightly within eight or parallel can let the power right down on the pedal, the pressure reducing butt. error riding habit, many riders like a butt sitting on the seat, and seems to be pegged as and oppression for a long time will be a pain in the ass. Inappropriate and incorrect seat height will cause the hips uncomfortable. 3 hands many riders complain not ride a long, hand will be pain, acid, numbness, really is can not stand, Xiaobian also empathy and later found ourselves cycling process, the collapse of the waist, arms of too straight, hands to hold it tightly in hand hemp. 4 back long distance ride, many riders are prone to the problem. According to the report of Holland, often riding the rider, five people have a waist ache. In fact, the cause of the waist ache is also quite a lot of. For example: the usual lack of exercise, suddenly a high intensity of the ride, cycling time is too long, the road is relatively poor, shock is not good, there is inflammation of t jordan 3 katrina 2018 he waist. Normally poor riding posture and riding way. 5 stiff neck if a long time stretched his neck and neck muscles feel sore. This happens during cycling. Check if the rider's position is correct. The upper part of the body is very straight, and then the back bow up, will make the neck muscle is always in a state of tension. Don't handle too tightly, elbows and shoulders to sink. The whole body to relax, to ensure that the upper body movement flexible. often massage tight neck muscles. If the pain is more severe, please massage the doctor for massage or physical therapy, can alleviate the pain in the neck. If the pain continues, you need to find a doctor for spinal massage massage. note hat 〉Adidas recently released a Adidas Conductor Hi "Knicks", which is superior to both shoe and color. From the picture we can see, the Adidas Conductor Hi "Knicks" upper is very high, this 90s Retro High Bang design is very suitable for today's trend. On the color matching, this shoe uses today's very popular New York white, blue and orange color matching, the color design will definitely be favored by the majority of shoe fans. Such a dazzling color big tongue high shoes no jeans or pants collocation will be very special. It is learned that the Adidas Conductor Hi "Knicks" is priced at $90. released this M/WO619 series launched a total of four color matching, male models have black, dark blue; female paragraph has yellow, pink. Domineering black and deep blue reflects the low-key taste of men, and fresh bright yellow and lovely tender powder, no doubt can best reflect the current girls' fashion pursuit. The classic color of the vamp combines perfectly with the streamlined sole. It looks dynamic. It is reported that this series will be listed in October.1. - wake up with a wake Chamberlain Kobe high school total score of 2883 points, 2359 points beyond Chamberlain, to create the highest scoring record in Pennsylva Retro jordans for sale nia high school basketball. The legend begins. 2. - rookie record 1997 rookie of the year, Kobe scored 31 points, the highest scoring record in the history of the rookie of the year. 3. - button is you, do not have to doubt! rookie period, then Kobe looked across the soy sauce in the Wizards Ben dunk, the Lakers bench of a boiling! 4. - young no limit 1998 all star game, 19 year old 175 days of Kobe became the youngest starting in the all star game history. 5. - ninety thousand li Peng is to lift background: 2000 Western Conference finals seventh, the Lakers fourth quarter, 15 points behind the pioneers, the sharks are full of departure. Kobe, a human split Portland warlords, the Lakers to the finals! 6.: good pairs 2002 years in February 12th, the Lakers VS wizards. Kobe sent 15 assists and three pairs, including 15 assists to create a single career Kobe career of the most. 7. star 31 minutes, 31 points (the highest), Kobe won the 2002 all star game MVP, and the creation of the whole star in the history of the most efficient units in the unit time. 8. - Super reversal Kobe led in December 6, 2002, Kobe in the final 8.4 seconds to complete the winning cast, the Lakers 105-103 victory over the Mavericks, so as to complete the 27 points behind the super big reversal! 9. - three rain 2003 in January 8th, the Lakers VS supersonic (now thunder), Kobe shot three in 12 points, to create a single field NBA three points hit the highest number of points (9 consecutive hit the highest record). 10. - handover theocracy2003, Kobe and Jordan's last battle, flying with 55 points from the hands of Michael completed our seemingly theocratic handover. 11. - blowout! ; ­Season 2002-03, Bryant continuous 13 35 (nine consecutive games 40 + tied Jordan records history the second high, record is Chamberlain's 14 consecutive games. 12. - force split stone;when Ling Yunzhi, Duncan did not dare to laugh her husband! Duncan: destroy jordans on sale online ed Kobe four consecutive dreams. 13. - good magic 2004 in April 15th, Kobe in the regular time of the final moments of the 3 points of the game into overtime. The Lakers last second overtime behind 2 points, Kobe three pointer portland! The Lakers rose from fourth in the West.NBA is a wicked infested rivers and lakes, which in addition to the full of money and sex outside, is full of violence, the violence, of course, is the kind of unarmed, as to rise to the level of crime of those events, again not much said, otherwise must long winded. filed court violence, do not know if you can think of who's name, I can think of Artest, Rodman, Malone and Shaquille O'Neal, these are the famous NBA villain ah, is said to some people really have violent tendencies still violence against his wife and children. Today come together to review the violence in the history of the NBA game than those itself but also make people The imprint is engraved on my heart.. 10, O'neal was angry and beat, Miller took the opportunity to become the all star 2002 years the Lakers against the Bulls a regular season game, Brad & middot Miller, responsible for guarding Shaq, just by the NCAA to enter the NBA Miller arrived at that time, the coach told guarding Shaq task conscientiously, his defensive trick let O'Neal be the disturbance. in a rebound when O'neal was pushed out, O'neal was furious, a fist waving to Miller. He didn't expect honest Miller is a practice Jiazi, agile he ducked O'Neill's fist after immediately returned fire. His boxing is fast and accurate, O'Neal was haibian meal and ate big Kui. Miller is through the fight a war fame, finally unexpectedly with defense O'neal show was selected to the all star skills. (see text) fight video: 9, McGrady played poorly to fight off the bench, being beaten when Maddie led the magic against the kings, by the way, was the king's coach is Adelman, and Maddie and Maddie haibian who played Bobby & cheap air jordans online middot; Jackson. He was ordered to guard McGrady, his stalker McGrady was very unhappy. Repeatedly cast in McGrady's evil to bravery edge, an attack Tracy McGrady did not invest in the basket ball, but directly to pound the Bobby & middot; Jackson, Jackson also not good chi directly forward pushing Tracy McGrady, Tracy McGrady finally found the opportunity to vent his anger, he put a drag Ju Jackson is pressed on the ground a drubbing. Two referee simply pull him not to live, the last two people rolled down to the ground. fight video (see text, 3 minutes and 10 seconds to open): 8, basketball superstar confrontation, Barkley was O'neal fall O'neal and Barkley these two basket overlord is now a good friend, but they also had a passion for the game on the game over. In 1999 a Lakers and Rockets game, wearing a Rockets Jersey Buckley always and Shaquille O'Neal in the basket card rebounding, two are flamboyant superstars and fought each other. In a rebounding Buckley's head was O'Neill play a bit, "evil man" Buckley's name is not in vain, he put the ball hit the Shaq. O'neal is not a good people. 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In front of the pair of Air Jordan 2, white shoes with green details, shoes attached to SUGAR RAY embroidery words, obviously this PE is the Celtic period Ray Allen version. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- charming Hawaii INVINCIBLE x Reebok Pump Fury 20th anniversary joint shoes published teamed up with Teng Yuan Hao's new project with Nike exposure Show Luo is a crazy love spree shoes maintenance cheats / how to make shoes never wear old anatomy / personal custom shoes aren't dreams, shoes feast, South Beach Sneaker Con shoes exhibition tyrant spray Nike Air Foamposite One, Gold Safari" exposure review on an article: shoes feast, South Beach Sneaker Con shoes exhibition next article: tyrant spray Nike, Air, Foamposite, One, Gold, Safari", exposure0.jpg (227.28 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2016-8-15 upload at 14:49 1.jpg (93.45 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2016-8-15 upload at 14:49 2.jpg (156.32 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2016-8-15 upload at 14:49 3.jpg (104.3 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2016-8-15 upload at 14:49 4.jpg (95.5 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2016-8-15 upload at 14:49 5.jpg (145.95 KB, download times: 0) download air jordan 11 space jam for sale attachment save to album 2016-8-15 upload at 14:49 6.jpg (182.89 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2016-8-15 upload at 14:49Nike X SLY - Terminator Premium QS published in 1985 the first two Terminator Nike is designed for the Georgetown University basketball team, the classic blue and grey Georgetown reserved, symbolizing the badge as a bulldog defensive style! The Terminator design uses the full leather, followed by the unique initials "NIKE" words, changes of different materials and the combination of the color of the classic appearance, by many Japanese collectors, become the most dynamic Street trendsetter shoes. SLY unique charm One of the 〈br sly="" is="" very="" popular="" in="" japan="" women's="" brand,="" designer="" tateda="" mizuki="" (tateda="" construct:="" with)="" originally="" for="" the="" of="" moussy,="" joined="" by="" moussy="" independent="" with="" sweet="" spicy="" wild="" style,="" favored="" young="" japanese="" favorite,="" including="" japan's="" days="" namie="" amuro="" and="" other="" artists="" are="" love="" who!="" ueda="" (tateda:="" paint="" will="" be="" applied="" to="" construct="" system="" law)="" their="" traditional="" handmade="" jeans="" design,="" let="" production="" therefore="" female="" fashion="" magazine="" called="" "queen="" denim".="" now="" has="" more="" than="" 18="" stores="" japan,="" shibuya="" 109="" most="" famous="" department="" store,="" counter="" women="" visit="" store!="" nike="" terminator="" premium="" qs="" strong="" once="" again="" lead="" street="" topic! 01.jpg (74.12 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2009-8-18 20:04 upload 02.jpg (79.76 KB, download number: 0) to download the attachment; save 〉It is crucial that your child cheap karen millen needs to have his very own kid snowfall outdoor Air Max TN for the forthcoming winter. 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Recently, another group of shoes details of pictures in addition to design high tube, which can also be seen from the picture tube design low figure; according to the concept of "Nike + R.T" cooperation series which contains a total of four designs, in addition to the Air Force 1 Low and Hi Boots, and Mid Calf and Knee Hi two design, but also through to the unique design of the totem, there was Riccardo Tisci's unique fashion creative thoughts. DRKSHDW new /Rick Owens DRKSHDW 2014 spring summer prints, high drum shoes, leather Limited, /Dover, Street, Market, x, Common, Projects, Achilles, "Camouflage" limited shoes comments on last article: DRKSHDW new /Rick Owens DRKSHDW 2014 spring / summer high top Projects shoes: leather Limited /Dover Street Market x Common Achilles Camouflage limited shoes No Zuo no die!! A joke on a man who talks to you! sneakerhead after the Palestinian fight 'human flesh search, finally found the coconut to take false Kanye's signature buddy, home Jun saw the shoes, just feel wrong black Putian fake, the buddy hand shoes too fake it, but this will undoubtedly be the most expensive in the world fake coconut! sample chart tours / Nike, Zoom, CJ, Trainer 2, HD, Air, Jordan 6, Carmine reviews : "sample chart / Nike Zoom CJ Trainer 2 next: HD, Air, Jordan 6, Carmine"〉 in order to welcome the Chinese Lunar New Year in 2015, Vans will launch a special year of shoes in the Asia Pacific region in January 2015: "always keep original.". The upcoming special series of sheep's year, a total of Sk8-Hi and Slip-On two classic styles, a total of four pairs of shoes. The sheep year series of shoes, in terms of color matching, choose the most basic black and white color to express the theme of black sheep and aries. The upper material is made of advanced leather. 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